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Managing Trees in the Urban Landscape

Tree Environs is a wholly South Australian owned and operated company operating in the Adelaide area. Our qualified Arborists and landscape architects provide a range of technical services for the design of sustainable landscapes and the management of trees in the urban landscape in Adelaide and across South Australia.

At Tree Environs our vision of urban tree management is shaped by uncompromising ethical standards, the most effective and current arboricultural practices and solution based strategies. Our client’s valuable tree assets are managed to the best of our ability to ensure people and trees can coexist, maximising tree benefits and minimising risk.

Tree Environs qualified arborists and landscape architects make a strong commitment to maintaining and improving their knowledge and skills, through ongoing training and attendance at conferences and seminars.

Tree Environs provides a range of tree management and design services in Adelaide and across South Australia including;

  • Provision of expert tree advice and consultations for individual trees, entire gardens or public open space.
  • Assessment of regulated and significant trees.
  • Provision of tree reports for a wide range of purposes, including development applications.
  • Design of sustainable landscapes incorporating existing and new trees.
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).
  • Reviewing tree reports and development applications for Councils.
  • Tree hazard and risk assessments.
  • Tree surveys, tree audits for schools, large and small developments and other open space projects.
  • Street tree master plans and urban forest strategies.
  • Design and installation of tree support systems. (Cabling and bracing)
  • Tree species selection advice for your site.
  • Tree planting, including advanced trees.
  • Working with Architects, planners, developers and builders to assist in developing sites and preserving valuable trees.
  • Management of trees on development sites to AS 4970 - 2009 ‘Protection of trees on development sites’.
  • Tree health assessment and management.
  • Pest and disease diagnosis and treatments.
  • Tree root investigations using non-destructive excavation methods.
  • Mediation of neighbour disputes.
  • Assessment of the role of trees in property damage.
  • Valuation of trees for a variety of purposes.

Why care for trees?

Trees provide a broad range of important environmental, amenity, social, economic and health benefits essential to the community and individuals.

Our urban trees grow in an environment of constantly changing conditions and stresses such as climate change and urban sprawl. They are faced with a range of environmental and man-made factors affecting their health and safety. Quality advice, expert planning and design, best practice management are vital to ensure the benefits trees provide are maintained and enhanced for the future.

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