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Dr Martin Ely

Martin is a landscape architect and arborist for Tree Environs with over 20 years of experience in planning and design for urban trees. He also has special expertise in the fields of sustainable landscape design, Water Sensitive Urban Design, structural soils and management of trees on development sites. During his career he has been involved in a wide range of urban infrastructure projects at a range of scales.

In 2010 he completed a PhD at the Adelaide University of Adelaide School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, focusing on more sustainable practices for integrating natural processes into urban settings. His specific research focus has been on the role of street trees as ‘green infrastructure’ delivering a range of benefits to the city. His research has identified more sustainable practices for the design of streetscapes and other urban spaces to accommodate the needs of street trees, aimed at achieving healthier, longer lived trees while reducing infrastructure conflicts with surrounding urban infrastructure.

Since completing his PhD he has provided consulting services in sustainable design for urban trees, arboricultural assessments of significant and regulated trees and management of trees on development sites. He has also conducted applied research for a number of organizations, including TREENET and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, on green infrastructure benefits, stormwater harvesting for street trees, permeable paving and structural soils.

Martin is a qualified arborist, registered landscape architect, member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and member of the TREENET advisory board.

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