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Risk Management

Managing Trees to Reduce Risk

Effective tree risk assessment and surveys are crucial roles for trained Arborists.

Only well trained, properly equipped and highly experienced staff should undertake risk assessment. At Tree Environs, our staff have extensive experience and training in tree risk assessment, including Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) and International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Method.

Tree Environs can assist you by undertaking detailed risk assessments on all trees, backed where necessary by climbing inspections and data collection from diagnostic equipment such as the Resistograph, Picus Tomography, Drill probes, coring devices, Tree Motion Sensors or non-destructive root investigations. This ensures recommendations made are based on good information and are suitable for the situation.

When requested to assess your tree risk concerns, Tree Environs provide recommendations and treatments which aim to reduce risk to tree owners and the community to an acceptable level while preserving urban forest values. Where risk levels are unacceptable, tree removal may be recommended.

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