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How Much Water Does My Tree Need?

One of the key facets of tree management and one where mistakes can mean the difference between success or failure for project managers and tree owners is the delivery and management of irrigation, particularly to trees newly planted or impacted by change.

Changes within tree root zones can occur as a result of building development, new landscapes, tree relocations, restrictions on water use, or reductions in the quality water being used.

It is very important to provide the right type of irrigation system for the circumstances and the species involved. These requirements change with the seasons and establishment or health status of the trees involved, making careful and timely monitoring a critical component of any irrigation system for trees.

The current water restrictions over much of the country highlight the need to implement drought proofing strategies and efficient irrigation systems. Tree Environs arborists can implement a health care program including the installation of an efficient irrigation system to ensure water applied is consistent with the needs of the tree and water conservation.

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