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Managing Historic Trees

Specialist Care for Our Historic Trees

Trees can sometimes possess historical or cultural significance, whether it is to an individual or family, to the wider community, or to the state or nation.

Tree Environs qualified arborists assess tree health and structure and consider their historical and cultural significance to develop and implement a management plan to retain the important cultural and historical values they have. The management of these historic or veteran trees has different requirements to younger trees, where they may need to be managed well past their useful life expectancy.

Some management strategies include the development of tree management policies, habitat pruning of locally indigenous tree species, design and installation of support systems (cabling and bracing), tree pruning and landscape modifications to minimise risk to the general public.

These strategies are combined with a wide variety of tree health management practices and future monitoring to enhance the trees character, historical value and longevity.

A few of our projects:

  • Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens - Victor Harbor. The Norfolk Island Pines in this Garden are South Australia’s oldest memorial planting for fallen soldiers of WWI and are listed in the South Australian Heritage Register. Tree Environs has developed a Tree Management Plan to ensure these trees’ long term viability.
  • Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island. Listed on the Register of the National Estate this is the oldest planted tree in SA. Tree Environs is responsible for its ongoing health care, as well, as the design, installation and monitoring of a unique support system.
  • Doncaster Avenue Colonel Light Gardens. Assessment, report and crown management of a row of locally historic River Red Gums
  • Herbig’s Gum Tree, Springton. Assessment and reporting on management requirements of River Red Gum on the register of the National Estate.
  • Casneaux Tree, Wilpena Pound. Assessment and reporting on management requirements of River Red Gum on the register of the National Estate.
  • Government House, Adelaide. Assessment and management recommendations of large Ficus platypoda. Design and installation of a complex storm protection system. Ongoing crown management and monitoring of the system.
  • Orlando Wine Centre, Rowland Flat. River Red Gum. Ongoing health management through soil replacement utilizing radial trenching and Air-spade excavations.• Root zone preparation prior to building excavation and construction
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