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Root Zone Management

Where Are My Tree Roots?

Tree Environs Pty Ltd can provide a wide range of solutions for managing potentially costly or hazardous tree root problems.

Our consultants can carry out assessments using specialized exploratory excavation equipment, providing written reports on the causes of damage, location of roots, identification of the species of tree involved, or where necessary identify the exact tree involved through DNA testing.

We can also undertake actions required to resolve issues detected through our investigations through root pruning, the creation of zones antagonistic to root growth or the installation of PVC film or a strong, lightweight, waterproof material; RootBarrier® to any depth.

Other areas of tree root and tree health management undertaken by Tree Environs include:

Assessment of tree root systems to determine damage or stability issues. Expert witness in legal disputes involving damage associated with tree root systems. The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of root and soil related diseases or pests. Air-spade operation for the remediation of stress in compacted soils around trees. Air-spade excavations for root location, mapping or root pruning around infrastructure or buildings. Installation of root barriers in the vicinity of new or existing plantings to protect private property or infrastructure. The protection of trees and buildings on development sites. Root zone preparation prior to building excavation and construction

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