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Trees on Development Sites

Trees on Development Sites

Trees and development can co-exist with good arboricultural information, careful planning and best practices.

Arboricultural involvement from inception and throughout the planning and design stages is crucial to ensure the benefits from trees are preserved and remain an asset to your development and the urban landscape. Planning for your tree early in the process also minimises delays in the approval and construction stages.

Planning to preserve trees as part of your development requires coordination between all parties, including the project arborist, Council, local authorities, neighbours, site managers, architects, landscape architects, builders, engineers and contractors.

Tree Environs assists the development process in providing current best practice arboricultural advice, design solutions and site supervision according to the Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites including;

  • Tree surveys/audits
  • Tree compatible design solutions
  • Tree protection plans
  • Tree reports suitable for development applications
  • Supervision of construction works around trees
  • Management of trees on development sites
  • After care
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