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Design Projects

Mount Barker Town Centre – Street Tree Master Plan.

Street tree audit & master plan for street tree replacement, planting & management in the developing Mount Barker CBD.

Greenhill Road Street Tree Management Plan and Streetscape.

Existing tree audit and development of short and long term management strategies for an avenue of significant trees declining due to drought and water restrictions, including tree species selection and passive stormwater harvesting.

Mawson Lakes Sustainable Car Park.

Design of a car park at Mawson Lakes for the Land Management Corporation, incorporating sustainable design principles including retention of existing site trees and creating favourable growing conditions for retained and new trees using WSUD and other sustainable design practices.

Tasman Terrace Street Tree Review.

Review of existing street tree plantings and development of a tree replacement strategy to resolve past unsustainable planting practices.

Pollock Avenue Street Tree Upgrade.

Design for the incorporation of sustainable design practices and stormwater harvesting innovations in an existing urban streetscape.

Gawler Street Concept Plan, Mount Barker.

Streetscape design and street tree planting concepts including more sustainable planting and watering practices.

Port Pirie Gateway Streetscape.

Concept designs for the streetscape upgrade along the main entry road to the city of Port Pirie.

Morphett Hutchinson Precinct Mount Barker.

Tree planting advice to the project landscape architects for the installation of street trees in the redevelopment of the Mount Barker Town Centre including the use of linear tree pits and structural soils.

Lobethal Street Tree Planting Advice.

Tree planting advice to council including design options incorporating linear tree pits and permeable paving.


Design development for the TREENET kerb stormwater inlet and verge infiltration system, in association with David Lawry of TREENET.

Green Infrastructure Project Evidence Base.

A research project undertaken for the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to develop a comprehensive evidence base for green infrastructure to support the SA Green Infrastructure Project.

WSUD Design Guidelines.

A study undertaken for the National Heart Foundation to develop WSUD principles for inclusion in the SA Active Living Coalition Healthy by Design Guidelines.

Building the Case for the Role of Landscaping in Urban Street Design.

A research study for the National Heart Foundation to ‘make the case’ for tree planting, landscaping and other forms of green infrastructure, in the design of urban streets. The results were incorporated in the NHF publication ‘Healthy by Design SA: A guide to planning, designing and developing healthy urban environments in South Australia’.

Wellington Square Upgrade.

Design and documentation for a revitalized open space in the City of Port Lincoln, including new play spaces, public art, and landscaping. The project also included the creation of a new ‘community hub’ as a focal point for the park and the community.

Port Lincoln Linear Trail.

Concept design and documentation for a significant new linear park in the city of Port Lincoln including a continuous shared use trail and associated facilities and open space opportunities. The proposed trail also created opportunities to address issues of invasive pest plant removal, revegetation, biodiversity enhancement, stormwater management and bushfire hazard reduction.

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