Neighbour Disputes

Trees can sometimes create nuisance and conflict. It is important to gather accurate information about the problem and understand your rights.

Dangerous tree next door

Does your neighbour have large trees close to your property? Do the trees overhang your yard or dwelling? Do the trees pose a risk? How should the tree be managed? What are my rights?

Tree Environs qualified arborists can assist by meeting with you to assess your neighbour’s trees and advise on the legal status of the trees, assess risk, discuss what rights you have and how best to manage the situation. We can prepare tree reports where required.

Neighbour disputes dangerous tree next door
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Tree damaging property

Are you concerned that a tree may be causing damage to property? There are many factors that can contribute to building damage, including poor stormwater management, leaking pipes and the presence of trees. Tree Environs can assess what role a tree may be playing in the damage found to buildings, pipes or other structures and surfaces. We can advise on suitable mitigation options. We can prepare tree reports where required.

Tree Environs can assist with tree assessments, advice and reporting

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Tree poisoning

Trees can sometimes cause tension between neighbours, and poisoning of trees can sometimes occur. Proving that a tree has been poisoned is difficult. Tree Environs can assess a tree and determine if poisons have been used, or trees have died from other causes.

Neighbour dispute tree poisoning
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Tree valuations

Trees can be damaged or removed by accident or on purpose. The affected tree owner may seek compensation for the loss. We can assess and document the value of your tree using recognised valuation methods to assist in compensation cases.