Planning and Development

Tree Environs can assist with assessments, advice and reporting. Planning approvals are required to remove trees or build in the vicinity of trees.

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Significant tree removal

The removal of regulated or significant trees requires approval from your local council. Tree Environs can assess your tree and advise if the tree meets the relevant criteria for removal under local legislation. We can then prepare a tree report that you can submit to council as part of your application.

Development reports

Trees and development can co-exist with accurate tree information, careful planning and design and good site management. The successful retention of trees on development sites starts at the concept stage, continues during the planning and design stages and throughout the construction stage. This is crucial to ensure the benefits from trees are preserved and remain an asset to the development and the urban landscape.

Tree Environs qualified staff can assist you during the development process in assessing trees, providing arboricultural advice and design solutions, preparing tree reports for development applications and liaising with key personnel throughout the project.

We can assist on projects with single trees on residential sites, to carrying out tree surveys for larger multi-allotment land division proposals.

Development reports

Our qualified arborists can help you manage and care for your trees.

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Planning and Development Protection of trees on development sites

Protection of trees on development sites

Tree Environs follows industry best practice in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites to ensure the impacts on your trees from development are minimised. We assist with designing your development to preserve trees, and to protect and monitor the trees during construction works.

Development application reviews

Tree Environs has a good understanding of the legislation regarding regulated and significant trees. Our qualified arborists are competent in assisting metropolitan councils by reviewing development applications to prune trees, remove trees or assess the impacts of development in the vicinity of trees. We can advise Council if an application is appropriate or requires modification.

Overgrown trees
Dead trees

Pre purchase tree inspection

Thinking of buying a property or vacant land? Are there regulated or significant trees on the land or next door? Do the trees pose a constraint to my plans to develop the site? Tree Environs qualified arborists can meet with you on a prospective property to discuss these issues before you commit to purchasing.

Design & Planting

Integration of existing trees into new developments and streetscapes requires a multi-disciplinary approach where arborists work closely with architects, builders and engineers to achieve outcomes where trees and buildings successfully co-exist.

In highly urbanised settings, it may be necessary to adopt a more detailed planning and design approach. This requires careful design of the planting environment and the below ground space to achieve a sustainable landscape.

Tree Environs has expertise in the use of a wide range of innovative practices such as Water Sensitive Urban Design, Permeable Pavements, Structural Soils and Stormwater Harvesting.

Planning and development design and planting