Risk Management

While trees provide benefits to the community, they can sometimes pose a risk. Tree Environs qualified arborists have a background in tree climbing and pruning and understand the mechanics and wood properties of trees.

Dangerous tree next door

Does your neighbour have large trees close to your property? Do the trees overhang your yard or dwelling? Do the trees pose a risk? How should the tree be managed? What are my rights?

Tree Environs can assist by meeting with you to assess your neighbours trees and advise on the legal status of the trees, what rights you have and how best to manage the tree. We can prepare tree reports where required.

Risk management dangerous tree next door

Tree Environs can assist you by undertaking detailed risk assessments on all trees.

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Risk Management tree risk survey school option

Tree risk surveys

Trees provide a range of benefits in a school, work environment or public space. Trees can also pose a risk to people and property in these settings. Tree Environs staff are trained in risk assessment and can survey a tree population in your school, workplace, caravan park or other public space to assess tree risk and develop an appropriate tree management plan.

We also have extensive experience and training in tree risk assessment (International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Qualification – TRAQ). Tree Environs can assist with assessments, advice and reporting.

Tree risk assessment

Tree Environs can undertake detailed risk assessments of trees, backed where necessary by climbing inspections and/or data collection from diagnostic equipment such as the Resistograph, Picus Tomography, drill probes, coring devices, Tree Motion Sensors or non-destructive excavation of root systems (Hydro excavation). This information helps us to assess the structural integrity of trees. Tree risk management also considers how the area around the tree is used. This ensures recommendations made are based on good information and are suitable for the situation. Risk management may include tree pruning, tree removal or managing the target. Tree reports will document our findings and recommendations.

Risk Management tree risk assessment
Img Installling brace in tree

Tree management

Tree Environs provide recommendations and treatments which aim to reduce risk while preserving tree benefits. This may include tree pruning (to Australian Standard 4373 Pruning of amenity trees), cabling and bracing (to ANSI 300), improving growing conditions (application of various soil amendments) and/or target management.

Where risk levels are unacceptable, tree removal may be recommended. Tree reports suitable for council applications can be prepared.

We recommend Arbortech Tree Services to carry out tree pruning works.