Tree Health

Healthy trees provide longer lasting benefits in the urban environment. Tree Environs believe in an integrated approach to tree health care based on a whole tree management philosophy. Tree Environs can assist with assessments, advice and reporting.

Species selection

Long term tree health requires carefully matching the species to the site, buying good quality trees and following correct planting and establishment techniques. Species selection requires consideration of mature tree size, ornamental characteristics, structural form, climatic requirements, soil suitability, relationship to surrounding spaces and structures and the tree’s habitat and biodiversity contribution. Tree Environs can advise on suitable tree species to match your site and source trees from quality growers. We can also assist by planting and establishing the tree in the correct manner.

Tree nursery
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Establishing healthy trees

Newly planted trees may require formative pruning, weed management, soil amendments, insect and pest identification and management and a range of other treatments to minimise stress and improve tree health. Tree Environs qualified arborists can assist you by assessing your site and trees to provide advice and treatments to promote the health and longevity of your trees.

Elm Leaf Beetle treatment

If you have an Elm tree, you may notice Elm Leaf Beetle feeding on the leaves of your tree. This insect rarely kills trees, but its leaf feeding habits can quickly affect the appearance of your tree and debilitate the tree in the long term.

Tree Environs can treat your tree using trunk injections to minimise the impacts from this pest. We disinfect equipment between trees to minimise any risk of disease transfer.

Tree Health Elm Leaf Beetle treatment

We provide ongoing maintenance includes pruning, sanitation, weed management, monitoring, improvements to growing conditions, minimising tree stress through a wide range of site management practices.

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Soil amendments

Trees growing in an urban environment often have to compete with restricted soil volumes, sealed surfaces and challenging soil conditions. Tree Environs can optimise tree health by improving the growing conditions around your tree by applying a range of soil amendments.